Our favourite artistic outfits for fall, winter.

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This winter, black comes first! Leather and vinyl are also making a comeback, and the inspirations seem to come straight out of Dracula’s styling notebook. But Rest assured if you’re not hip goth: all this is balanced with softer and more cozy trends, and apart from the black, there will also be a lot bright and vivid colors.

The Bourgeois look
The latest Fall-Winter shows have put a spotlight on long skirts, blouses, checked blazers, moccasins, and many other articles. this year was no different from the last one. Indeed, the neo-bourgeois trend is here to stay in artistic outfits.
Only one rule to follow to seize the neo-bourgeois tendency: balance! Avoid the full look, pick only a few pieces and mix them with other styles, for instance, Blazers with blue jeans or pantsuits with sneakers can help you pull a more urban look.
Boiled down, investing in new blazers is a huge upgrade for your wardrobe this winter.

neo-bourgeois trend

The Preppy look
the preppy look has indeed returned to the forefront of fashion trends. Easy to adopt, contrary to what one might think, it is both elegant, sober, and neat. The preppy style is composed of basic pieces, easy to associate like blazers, blouses, tights, sweaters, Mary jane heals, sheath dresses, short skirts, and many others.
If you like having a polished wardrobe of artistic outfits, you should consider this look. If you fancy this look, a nice blouse slid on the front of a skirt with heels or boots on will go a long way.

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The Trinity look
When I think of Trinity the matrix movie character my first thought is ‘’ I wish I had one of her leather coats ‘’, luckily for me and all of the ‘90s fashion, long black leather coats and jackets are making a comeback in this season.
Combine a black coat with black skinny jeans to effortlessly face the challenges of the day. Play the casual card for shoes and match this artistic outfit with a pair of black leather boots, and you’re ready to go.
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leather coats

The See-through/Lingerie look
Who said that we should take a step off of sexy light pieces in this season?
From the first look at this season's trends, there’s a lot of transparent and lingerie-inspired artistic outfits. this season fashion shows are pushing many exposed lingerie looks that advocate for luxury and seduction. The craze for the aesthetics of the corset brings out other types of tops that look like lingerie this season. It seems that the witchy trend continues to prevail. Crop top lace, long skirt and hat, and ready for an incantation.

 sexy light clothing

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