Ayra Starr in Maison Femalien's Aliza Dress: Feminine Elegance in Crayon's 'Ngozi' Music Video

Ayra Starr in Maison Femalien's Aliza Dress: Feminine Elegance in Crayon's 'Ngozi' Music Video

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Arya Starr

Ayra Starr consistently embodies a doll-like elegance, a signature style that shines through her red carpet moments.

From the iconic Mugler dress at the MTV VMAs to the custom Louboutin ensemble at the Wakanda Forever premiere, she effortlessly radiates a Bratz film allure.

 This enchanting trend seamlessly continues in the visuals for Crayon's 'Ngozi' music video, skillfully directed by the talented Director K.

In her first ensemble, Ayra opts for a comfortably chic fur look—mini shorts, a crop top combo, and bohemian braids. The spotlight-stealing second look features Ayra in our Maison Femalien Aliza Dress, a true masterpiece.

Arya Starr - Maison Femalien

This Femalien creation boasts a slim-fitting bodice, intricate knot detailing, and a strapless design reminiscent of a Disney princess. The ensemble is perfectly accessorized with a studded Arabian bracelet.

The 'Ngozi' music video harmoniously aligns with the thematic essence of Crayon's debut album, 'Trench to Triumph.' Since the album's release, the track has garnered a remarkable 30 million streams worldwide.

Arya Starr - Maison Femalien

The visually captivating accompaniment to the single was unveiled on October 30, 2023, marking a momentous celebration of music and style starring Maison Femalien and Arya Starr in our famous wonderland Aliza dress. 



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